“MIM has been and continues to be a great support to my daughter. In the early days, MIM arranged for test shoots and for local opportunities to gain experience. They arranged for interviews with agencies in Montreal and Toronto, and eventually in cities around the world. Sophie, Renee and Megan understand that parents need support as well to learn about the industry and to provide support for our daughters (sons). They were open to discussions on topics ranging from strategy, to visa applications for foreign countries, and finance. As a mom, what I most appreciate about MIM is their ongoing care and concern for my daughter. They understand the industry and its challenges; they have helped my daughter to grow and adapt. She has had some incredible experiences through modelling; the skills she has developed will serve her well within the industry as well as with all future endeavours.”

    -Jennifer A., Mother of Chloe V.

“The team at MIM is like a family to me and I have always said that despite Ottawa not exactly being the fashion capital of the world, MIM definitely offers the ultimate environment to test the waters without stress or worry of the other markets! Not only that has my debut with the agency allowed me to learn the ins and outs of the industry, the training for me was a complete confidence booster when learning about myself. I have also witnessed that same confidence building increase when teaching the teen classes. I would certainly recommend this very avenue to anyone in our nation's capital interested in the fashion modeling world!”

    - Annaïse B.

“Through completing MIM's Professional Modelling Program, I learnt a great deal about the modelling industry and how to pursue my dream career. The staff have been very supportive of me and in my pursuit of becoming a model.  Since completing the academy last year, I have attended CMTC and have signed with agencies located in Montreal and Toronto.  Megan Fuger, director of Academy and New Faces takes a great interest in supporting her models and is always available to answer any questions and offer advice.  She has developed a plan to further my career which includes modelling in Europe this summer.”

    - Leah B.

“My wife's and my experience with Models International Management has been fantastic.  My daughter expressed a desire to begin modeling in 2015 and we first met with Megan, Academy and New Faces Director who took an immediate interest in helping her take her first steps in fulfilling her dream.  After completing the very informative professional modeling course and attending CMTC, Megan is currently negotiating agreements with other agencies around the world to sign my daughter.

All of the staff have been very kind and supportive and my wife and I have been very satisfied in the interest and support they have shown our daughter.

We have every confidence that the staff at MIM will help my daughter achieve her dream of becoming a very successful model.”

    -Wayne B., Father of Leah B.

“I have been with MIM for decades and find the staff and owners to be focused on how best to serve the models/actors who are in their agency as well as promoting quality personnel to their clients whether it be children, teens, adults or mature models/actors. 

It is a very fair agency with numbers emails/opportunities being addressed to all models regardless of age or size. As a mature model/actor, I am pleased to continue to be an integral part of the agency. Community services is a large part of the MIM as they constantly “give back” and support groups and charities in Ottawa and surrounding areas. 

MIM provides a top notch team of trained professionals to teach and coach the new and junior members of the team. “Newbies” find they have mentors and support to move them forward in the way they wish to be promoted. 

I am happy to be a part of Models International Management not only as a mature model but also as an instructor and support person with new child/teen actors and models. 

My loyalty to MIM comes from years of quality services and support in whatever contract or engagement in which I am involved. 

Well done MIM!”

    - Terrie K.

“Models International Management  is so encouraging and supportive, it feels like a big family. I've met so many wonderful people and modelling has gave confidence that I did not know I had. MIM has opened many doors for me and given me more opportunities that I did not know I could have. Thank you MIM.”

    - Grace M.

“I am a mature woman in her 60’s. I am now retired, and I wanted to do something new and exciting. I had studied modelling in my late teens and thought that maybe it would be interesting to do this type of work again.

I had the good fortune to meet with the owners of MIM and voila; the rest is history. Working with MIM has been a wonderful experience. MIM was able to find very exciting work for me on many occasions. So far I have done video commercials, catalogue photography and fashion shows.

I would recommend MIM to anyone who has a calling for modelling. They are a very dynamic and professional team.”

    - Diane A.

“The start of my modelling career has been made much easier due to all the help we receive from MIM, they go above and beyond to help us thrive in any environment from auditions to seminars to photoshoots. I continue to receive advice and feedback from all MIM staff on how I can better myself in this industry.” 

    - Brad H.

“My experience with Model International Management started last November. At the time, I didn't had any experience in modelling so the agency proposed me to start the professional modelling program which is the best decision I've ever made. Through the program, you learn how to get great makeup done, how to prepare for a casting, how to get the famous catwalk and finally how to pose in front of the camera. I really enjoyed my experience because I had the chance to meet real professional models that shared their experience with us which also helped to increase my overall experience and confidence. Since then I've been to a few casting and went to CMTC!”

    - Genevieve B.

“We started to explore the unknown world of modelling last fall. We were pretty green and didn’t know a lot about the industry. My daughter was invited to attend the academy and began so with enthusiasm. She never missed a class, never wanted to miss a class. Each class was taught by an industry professional and the students were able to glean from their knowledge and experience. Over the months I noticed such change in my daughter. She became more confident, more poised, more at ease with speaking with people, far more outgoing. She blossomed. Our experience has been so positive. With our many questions and uncertainties, we were always treated with professionalism, sincerity and patience. I applaud the owner and staff at Models International Management who many times, went out of their way to make us feel like not a client but part of a family.”

    -Heather T., Mother of Serena T.

“Getting into the business of fashion and modelling is a feat to say the least. You have to stand out from the crowd and have that special magic that makes people turn their heads and look twice. Getting back into the business after many years of living and growing a family is another challenge altogether.

I  signed with MIM and have  been in two fashion shows, a Toronto shoot and this week will be on television. MIM is encouraging caring and knows what the client wants. I am thrilled to be represented by Models International Management!”

    - Penelope G.

“Ok so where do we start.....we first met Megan from MIM three years ago when we had this great idea to see if Brigitte was cut out for Modelling.  Our meeting was the beginning of an extraordinary journey.  Megan and the team at MIM took Brigitte by the hand, taught her to walk, talk and breath like a Model through their in-depth professional modelling course.  From where I stand they were an outstanding success.  Since those humble first months Brigitte has attended CMTC, signed international contracts with other agencies, and is continuing to work in the industry with the tireless support and guidance of her “Mother Agency”. Brigitte has had some great success working in all modelling genres including walking the runway, editorials and product campaigns, none of which would have been possible without the strong support she receives from her mentor Megan.  MIM’s personal way of dealing not only with their Models but also with their “Models Mom” has made this journey with our “MIM family” totally awesome!  Thanks for all you do girls!”

    - Cyndi E., Mother of Brigitte L.

“My experience with MIM has been remarkable. The agents working for MIM act in a very professional manner while at the same time ensuring a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They have taught me so much about what it takes to become a model, what to expect at a shoot/runway and what to expect behind the scenes. Being with MIM has prepared me to enter the modelling industry confidently while giving me the opportunities to succeed in the business. Would not have it any other way!”

    - Jacob G.

“Being with MIM has been an amazing experience. I’ve had such great opportunities to live crazy experiences. The classes were a fun time, that helped me make some new friends. I also got the chance to travel to Osaka Japan for three months, which was an incredible experience that I would’ve never been able to partake without MIM. Overall, the agency helped me achieve so many things, and I’m really grateful for what’s come my way so far.”

    - Kayla S.

“Since Kayla begun modelling with the MIM agency, she has gained a lot of confidence, she has improved her modelling skills and knowledge.  Her ability to speak to strangers and in front of a public has become more natural to her.  She has had some good experiences working for different clients and going to Japan. Overall being a part of MIM has been a positive experience.” 

    - Julie B., Mother of Kayla S.

“Throughout two years at Models International, I have gained so much from both the Saturday Teen program and Professional Modelling program, as well as experience with real jobs and exposure. It was so fun to be able to surround myself with supportive friends every week during academy lessons, and to be able to learn about skincare, business, and everything in between! The experience, skills, knowledge, friendship, and confidence attained from our MIM community are things that I know I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have gotten to experience things that I never thought I would, and accomplish things I never thought probable.”

    - Calla- Lily B.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with MIM as a model. Throughout my experience, I have learned numerous aspects about modeling. For example, I learned how to be more confident in front of a camera, be more interpersonal, and how to be more professional when required. While modeling, I have had many new experiences, meeting new people and making new friends. What I value most about the industry is the kindness of everyone with whom I have worked. MIM and its friendly staff eased me into modeling by providing useful workshops and information sessions. Once I acquired enough experience to start working, they continued to help me throughout my endeavors, by booking jobs and go-sees. Without MIM, I would not have been able to gain these incredible experiences over the past year and a half.”

    - Daniel B. 

“MIM has allowed me to refine myself as a woman, and has given me the confidence to not only “own” my look in front of the camera, but also on the runway.”

    - Ciana C.